TweetiePie for WordPress

Update: Twitter restricted their api a long time ago making this plugin useless.

Twitter Bird

I finished up my new WordPress plugin, and I’m excited to announce it here. It’s called TweetiePie and its’ purpose in life is to bring in your most recent updates from twitter and put them on your blog.  This can be done by using a widget or as a direct function call. It’s super-easy to get your tweets on the sidebar.  Simply supply your username, how many tweets you would like to display, and whether or not you would like to show the date.  Read more…

Adding multiple sidebars (and other elements) to your wordpress theme

Wordpress LogoUpdate: Marquex has written a plugin that takes care of all this without having to touch PHP. Check it out: Custom sidebar WordPress plugin

I’m going to show you (you, being the wordpress theme developer or modifier) how to add elements to your blog that will change based on which page you are on. A great example of this is changing which button is on for your navigation to indicate which section is currently active. I will also show you how to get multiple widgetized sidebars rocking for your theme. I’m going to make the assumption that you already know what wordpress pages are and how wordpress can act as a cms. I will also assume you know how to widgetize your theme. Onwards. Read more…