2011 Goals

I usually set goals for myself at the beginning of the year, but they get lost in my brain or whatever non-official place I decide to put them in. I think by actually writing these down and making them public there is a much higher chance of me actually accomplishing them.

  1. Train hardcore for the Boston Marathon.
    In 2010 I completed my first marathon which was great, and I definitely caught the bug. The plan is to hit up the cellcom maraton once again, and use it to gauge my future training for Boston.
  2. Read at least two books a month and review.
    This goal is a bit easier through audiobooks. So much good happens filling my brian with material from books rather than the TV. I don’t plan on reviewing everything I read, but some reviews would be quite nice.
  3. Switch to the dvorak keyboard layout
    One of my heros, Matt Mullenweg (founding developer of WordPress) inspired me to switch to Dvorak.
  4. Get a tattoo
    Enough procrastinating with this one already. Time to make it happen.
  5. Launch litesinteractive.com
    litesinteractive.com’s purpose will be to showcase my web-work  and show potential clients what I’m made of. 
  6. Want less
    This is way too vague to be a real goal I suppose, but I definitely struggle with lusting after the latest Apple products, bikes, and tons of other crap I don’t really need. Thanks to blogs like  zen habits I’m realizing how much this stuff has been taking over my life.
  7. Redesign this site
    I’ve talked about it before, but this site is showing its age. I’d like to make it easier on myself for creating content.
  8. Get my wife home full-time with the kids again
    This will be done by landing more side projects as income to pay off our student and car loans.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of my goals throughout the year. What are your goals for the new year?


  1. Keep us posted on your progress. I especially like #’s 4 and 6. Do you have a design picked out for a tattoo? I would like to want less as well and even though i read the minimalist blog it seems hard to start.

    Here are some of mine for the new year:

    -Drink less soda by working down to 1 soda a day
    -Keep Fit by running 365 miles and the cellcom marathon
    -Be more compassionate towards animals by not eating eggs
    -Do the Polar Plunge
    -Finish one of my warhammer armies

    • I’ll definitely keep you posted. I’ve got a couple drafts setup already. No definite design on the tattoo yet, but I’ve got ideas.

      As far as the soda goal goes…just replace it with coffee 🙂 Definitely looking forward to seeing you at cellcom!

  2. DUDE! these goals are amazing. I really like how you have a wide variety of goals. Some of them are quick fixes (tattoo) and some are much longer commitments. Each success will keep you fueled for the next one. It is very brave and smart of you to make them public. 2011 is going to be a great year!

  3. I have been talking greasy chainring on the inside of my right calf for quite some time now. When are we going to do this? I should have posted my goals as well. I did finally get some work done on the family room.

  4. I was reading this article recently about a study some researchers have been doing, and apparently what they have found is that telling people what you’re going to do actually makes you less likely to do those things. I think goal lists are a little different because you need a way to organize things you want to accomplish, and i definitely enjoyed reading yours, but I’ve had a fun time thinking about their conclusions. I notice that when I come home and tell Paula that I’m going to edit video, I usually just watch Netflix. But when I come home and just start doing whatever productive thing I happen to start working on first, i find that I’m more satisfied with the work that I get done. Also, I’m getting another tattoo this summer at the tattoo convention and you should come with me and get one too.

    • I think I’ve read that before about the study. One thing I’m so guilty of is starting something up and then just letting it go. A recent post I’ve read on zen habits discusses the importance of doing even just a little each day. As I look over these goals I’ve set I’m reminded that I need to be doing just that. I’d say that I’d write a follow-up post to this, but that would mean I probably won’t do it 😉

      Also, I’m in on the tattoo convention. When is it?


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