Presentation, progressive enhancement, and lack of posts

Well, it looks like I haven’t written since April 17th; completely unacceptable. I wanted to post some slides of my recent presentation, and get in writing what I would like to do with this blog in the near future.

First, the presentation. I talked about progressive enhancement to the awesome cwcw group. Alright, confession time; this is the first presentation I’ve done professionally ever. I think the last time I did anything like this was in college 7ish years ago. I was confident going into it, but got pretty nervous talking in front of people. Oh well, I think the message was clear enough in spite of my nervousness.  The slides may not be all that useful by themselves, but if there is interest, I can write more about what I talked on.  For now, if you are intersted in it, please download my slides and check out these links that I used for references:

Hopes for a better blog

When I first designed this blog, I was brand new to WordPress, and brand new to blogging in general.  I am happy with how it turned out, but I’ve realized that I’ve made it a bit too difficult to keep up with it. I enjoy writing, but don’t do it very much because I feel like every post has to be very involved; a tutorial, list post, etc. I’ve learned a lot since then, and want to incorporate WordPress post types so that I can do shorter posts; and do so more frequently.  It’ll be rocking HTML5 and CSS3, and it would be a great excuse to play around with media queries, too.  TMI, I’m sure, but I am excited to start making new things happen.


  1. It is about time you post again. On July 10th I decided that I’m not going to post again until Eric does. It looks like I have to get it in gear.

    I might add that that was a perfectly professional use of The Oatmeal.


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