Quick tip: Taking care of bookmarks you’d like to read later

I have been trying to come up with a tool to help me keep track of web pages that I would like to read at a later time. For instance, in my previous google reader post, I mentioned read it later, a firefox extension / iPhone app that allows you to save bookmarks for later reading. I have been somewhat satisfied with most, but I think I finally came up with a solution that works beautifully using delicious, google reader, and readability.

I have no idea why I didn’t realize or think of this sooner, but delicious offers rss feeds based on any tag you have in your library. So, I decided to take advantage of that. I simply tag an item I’d like to read later as “toread“. I then subscribed to this RSS feed in google reader and I’m all set. This is beautiful for a few reasons. First, I’m already using all of these tools heavily and don’t need to install anything. Second, I set a period of time aside most days for google reader. I find it very useful to have my toread items in the same view. I discovered that if I have these somewhere outside of google, I wouldn’t go there very often and the number of unread bookmarks grew way too large for me to even think about diving into all. So that’s it!

Also, check readability out if you haven’t yet. It makes reading much easier on the web by removing all the extra clutter that goes along with almost any website. It also converts the text into an easy to read font and sets a background that is easy on the eyes. What tricks do you have?

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  1. Great post! I do something similar to include certain bookmarks on my blog. Using the Del.icio.us for WordPress plugin, I can simply add a magic tag when I save a bookmark, and then this bookmark will automatically be displayed on my blog.


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