Why remember the milk rocks

Remember the Milk

In all honesty, my organizational skills were not what they are now.  However, by utilizing tools like remember the milk, google calendar, evernote, etc. I have been able to bring some fun and efficiency into what otherwise bored me to tears. This is all about why remember the milk rocks and why you should try it out if you haven’t already.

Remember the milk is essentially an online task management system.  But it’s so much more than that.  Many people have utilized it’s rich api which has brought about a ton of programs that interface with Remember the Milk’s servers.  You can use your iPhone / iPod touch to update tasks, see them on OSX’s dashboard, update tasks via twitter, view your tasks in gmail, etc. etc. etc.  I’m not going to go into how to use remember the milk too much because they do an excellent job on their site explaining.  Instead, I’ll share my personal experiences with the service.

With RTM, I can create separate lists.  I have two main lists, one for work, and one for home tasks.  Before having tasks set somewhere, I used to get overwhelmed with work.  Having all of these little tasks hovering around in my memory would get me stressed out, and as a result I wouldn’t get as much done both at home and at work.  RTM allows me to EASILY add tasks and complete them. Now I can easily see what I have to do when, what the priority, and look at everything I have done in the past week, month, year, etc.  It is very powerful.

Customer Service

This is the main reason I decided to write about remember the milk. About a month ago I wound up wiping all of my tasks due to wonderful Window’s Mobile…I’ll spare you the details. I don’t have their pro account, but I wound up contacting their customer service department and begged that my tasks get brought back to life. I think the email conversations will tell it all…

Hi Eric,

I apologise for the delay — I just wanted to let you know that I have an engineer looking into this. I’ll let you know as soon as I have an update.



Hi Eric,

We’ve now restored the tasks affected (I believe there were 27; if this doesn’t sound correct, please let me know).

Hope this helps!


Oh my goodness…thank you so much!!! I have been spreading the remember the milk love for quite some time now. Expect a pro account from me, a tweet or two, and a blog post!!


Thank you again!

Seriously, I don’t pay for their service, and I’m sure they spent some time restoring those tasks. She even apologized for the delay…which was only about 4 – 5 days! So, hats off to remember the milk and their EXCELLENT customer service.

Remember the Milk programs I use on a daily basis

As you can see from my delicious RTM tags, I’ve spent a bit of looking around for different programs.  There are tons of different programs available and I have tried out a lot of them.  Since RTM’s site is very user friendly I tend to go to their site for task management rather than a separate program.  Here is a list I use.

  • I’m a big keyboard shortcut guy, so I found this little usersstyle that displays all of the keyboard shortcuts for remember the milk.  In order to use that, you must be running firefox with the stylish extension.  Stylish is basically a program that allows for custom CSS to be applied to sites.
  • I also use this stylish extension called Smaller Tabs, smartlists only which pretty much is self descriptive.
  • Remember the milk for Windows mobile is quite nice but only because it’s fun for whatever reason to check things off on a touch screen.  That’s pretty much all I use that PDA for.  This requires a PRO account


  1. Excellent job, sir. You make a very persuasive case for RTM. I didn’t know of it’s advanced features. I just had some lame generic grocery list on there that I have never used. Congrats on a great-looking blog.

  2. I’m also a big fan of RTM. Particularly love the vast amount of keyboard shortcuts, and the smart logic they’ve got going on in the date field. Easily my favorite online task manager.

  3. With each app review I read, it becomes harder to say no to the iPhone or iPod touch that wants to be in my apple.com shopping cart. BTW-Fantastic site design and I look forward to reading your updates soon

  4. Mr. Zoeckler…thanks! I look forward to getting another article out soon.

    Yes, it is extremely tough to not want an iPhone. You would think that with our current recession cell phone plans would have gone down. Doesn’t seem to be the case, especially with the iPhone plans 🙁

  5. Eric,

    Great post! I’ve been playing with RTM since you first told me about it. My only problem is I never seem to have time to get anything on my list completed.

    I love being able to e-mail stuff to my todo lists — this feature alone makes it very cool. I can easily have UNIX scripts create todo entries for me to take care of.

    Now, finding more time, that’s another problem.


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